By Inspirational Columnist and Author: Linda Mose Meadows

However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him"--
1 Corinthians 2:9

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Quilted Mask by Artist Patricia Johnson

“Throw back the shoulders, let the heart sing, let the eyes flash,
let the mind be lifted up, look upward and say to yourself
... nothing is impossible!”
Norman Vincent Peale
preacher, author

“This quilt was made during a workshop taken a few years ago while working on this piece, I realized that some people confine spirituality to a book or church and fail to recognize the ever present spirituality of their natural surroundings. When we open ourselves to nature’s beauty, power, and intricacies, then spiritual lessons will come to us with little effort.”

"Fish Fantasy" Explained by Quilter Patricia Johnson,
Spirits of the Cloth: Contemporary African American Quilts
by Carolyn Mazloomi, Pg. 82

Fish Fantasy by Patricia Johnson.

My photo doesn't do this intricately creative work justice!

Patricia Johnson's published testimony:
“My first exposure to quilting was a workshop taught by a very talented Fiber Artist named Lethia Robertson. I later saw an exhibit of her work and was amazed at her creative use of color and fabric. Although I made many of my own clothes I did not think that I had the talent for quilting.”

Several years later I moved to Hampton, VA. and soon joined the Golden Thimble Needle Craft Guild which sparked my interest in quilting again, along with other types of needlework. I also attended workshops at quilt shows and local quilt shops. I then joined the 54-40 African American Quilting Guild. This guild came out of an workshop taught by Loretta Craig and was named after a quilt pattern she uses exclusively in her work”

Amazing artisan!

Texile Artist and Quilter: Ms. Patricia Johnson featured in
Spirits of The Cloth by Carolyn Mazloomi.
She's sharing excerpt in publication regarding: Fish Fantasy.

Wonderful creation!

We're delighted to have Ms. Johnson as our precious friend!
My son, Michael and Ms. Patricia Johnson.

Some gifts just can’t be purchased.Yes, they are priceless and most unexpected. These gifts aren’t always acquired in highend boutiques, our community strip plazas or in our beloved mega malls. Thank goodness! No, no my friends they are the wonderful creations that God has fashioned in human form. This is the category that I place Ms. Patricia Johnson of Hampton,Virginia in.
Patricia Johnson is a master, talented Quilter (self taught),Textile Artist and art aficionado. Not to mention she can scout out a yard sale and resurface with pieces that only an artist could immediately scope out and understand its priceless value. As Michael and I sat in her living room listening and trying hard not to interupt with our many questions. We understood that that early evening visit was too wonderful for words. We appreciated learning about her fascinating life growing up in New York City, sojourns and jaunts throughout Europe, memberships in Art guilds and preservation endeavors- laughing about past and present life’s escapades, so much was being revealed to me. I began to realize that our meeting was divinely orchestrated.

Now in hind sight meeting this exceptional woman was another pearl that God had saved for this time in our lives. It’s was no coincidence meeting her. The road was paved as Michael (my son) volunteered at the Hampton University Museum occasionally working with Ms. Johnson on The International Review of African American Art. All of this was just another part of the divine plan. And wouldn’t you know it, his introduction to Patricia Johnson-well they’ve both made a lasting impression with the other! Ms. Johnson has shared not only her knowledge and wisdom regarding art appreciation, but generously shared gifts also. This was a natural connection. Mike's a young man that enjoys, values family and friends, loves art, history and appreciates culture. He’s learning and being introduced to some phenomenal artists, witnessing their creative energy and gaining first hand experience about the administrative dynamics regarding the many facets of operating a museum. Now that’s God’s handy work!

We understand that lasting impressions leave an indelible mark in our psyche and spirit. So I hope as you enjoy these photos of Ms. Patricia Johnson and her work, you too will begin to appreciate your acquaintances that I pray will blossom into lasting friendships. Had I never met Patricia Johnson it would have been a series of exchanged pleasantries at museum art openings. But while sitting and conversing with her I learned of her many interests, her volunteerism, her publications, her generosity, creative genius and her passion for art. Silently I prayed and thanked God for the lasting impressions that her inspirational quilts and textile art have made on the world. Beautiful, beautiful art!

Learn more about Patricia Johnson in:

The International Review of African American: Fiber Art,The Stuff of Dreams, Fabric of Friendship Vo. 15, No. 4 ,1999, pg 30,31.

Newsletter IRAAA Update by Juliette Harris Bowles:
Museum, Thoughts & Talks for Friends of The Museum, Fall 2000

Spirits of the Cloth: Contemporary African American Quilts by Carolyn Mazloomi

Expressing Thanksgiving & Joy!
Linda Mose Meadows, Author & Inspirational Columnist:
The Blessedness of Believing
A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises

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Kyra said...

Lovely to see this post about Mrs. Patricia Johnson! Her quilts are marvelous.

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Inspirational Author & Columnist, Linda Mose Meadows
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