By Inspirational Columnist and Author: Linda Mose Meadows

However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him"--
1 Corinthians 2:9

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Living with Greater Intention was the title that emanated months ago when I began to think about our second edition of Eyes of Faith Magazine. I knew it was no accident because God was being busy conveying that message! When I read scripture, listened to NPR, spoke to students, glanced at highway billboards, stopped and listened closely to lyrics, read St. Augustine’s prayers, discovered an uplifting website, the “intentionality” for living faith filled lives and impacting others for greater good was there.

Prayers of Saint Augustine:
God of life, there are days when the burdens we carry chafe our shoulders and wear us down; when the road seems dreary and endless, the skies gray and threatening; when our lives have no music in them and our hearts are lonely, and our souls have lost their courage. Flood the path with light, we beseech you; turn our eyes to where the skies are full of promise.
(From Prayers of the Saints: An Inspired Collection of Holy Wisdom, ed. Woodeene Koenig-Bricker - San Francisco: Harper Collins, 1996)

So I realized it was no mistake what God had planted in my spirit! When you think about all of the accomplished folks in your personal circles and in the world, what comes to mind about their character and calling? Is it their dogged persistence, their resolve that no matter what life flings their way it won’t hinder their mission? Is it their demeanor, faith, prayer life, outstanding creativity, insight, amazing, wisdom, wit, fortitude-what exactly is it? In my estimation it may be a combination of those traits! Certainly it’s personal, plain and simple! God has planted something deep down within them and it can’t be fettered. God has fashioned them to move from the fray, battle if they must but not wallow in the ashes of discontent, but to instead rise like a phoenix, hearts singed and surely better for the trial. Thank God for their fortitude and sticktoitiveness. Yes, it’s a blessed gift to live with greater intention.

So my friends without a doubt each of the selections you peruse in this second issue of Eyes of Faith Magazine know that the featured person’s life experience is verdant with promise and they are vigilant about their calls in life. We salute each of them for their wonderful endeavors. Learn of their passions and take heart as you too fix your gaze with eyes of faith. Go on and live life on purpose and with greater passion. We wish you God’s continued blessings now and in the coming year 2011.

Revived & Overjoyed!

Linda Mose Meadows, Urban Views Weekly Columnist and Inspirational Author of: The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises and Co-publisher of Eyes of Faith Magazine

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Photography by Linda Mose Meadows~
First photo, I'm standing underneathe tree! Capturing Beauty of Fall Foliage during my lunch walk. "Hampton Leaves 2 2010
Second photo taken as we strolled through grounds on Chautauqua's grounds.
“Chautauqua 2010”

n. A graduated measuring stick one yard in length.
1. A test or standard used in measurement, comparison, or judgment. See synonyms at standard.

November 18th was my last post. I thought to myself, “What in the World!” This was the stark reality that I had fallen off my weekly blogging wagon. Sobering life events, heavy workloads, hurried weekends, and fatigue pulled me away from this joyful activity of recounting God’s goodness. But I’m feeling empowered, energetic and so much better!

Thank God! I endeavor to get back in the saddle. Have you been there and done that? Allowed situations, cluttered thoughts, personalities to get in the way of your intended mission? Thank goodness that I hadn’t stopped writing all together, just not consistently blogging at my normal pace. But it's a fact that life can really drain and hinder progress if we aren’t alert! I wonder if our spirits shout, “Warning, warning alien experience ahead; do not yield!”

What are the yardsticks that you use to measure your personal progressions? Your promising health prognosis, surviving the family dynamics, the accomplished work day rituals, the private victories, abounding the public hurdles, relief from the absence of the struggle, the long awaited promotion, the peace wrangled, the renewed confidence, the joy reborn?

So many “yardsticks” to measure our lives! Thank goodness for restoration, today mine came in the form of a nap. Yesterday, it was concluding my season of working at the university. I am approaching a new season and concluding another. This is another transformative moment. It’s been a whirlwind of activities and if I hadn’t paid attention I would have missed out on my own milestones. What am I speaking about you wonder? It seems to me that often we are so busy living, being active that we miss out on the bigger picture, the important things of life.

Not too long ago I marveled at our friend’s an awesome photography of the fall foliage with the beautiful blue sky of Virginia as the backdrop. It was an excellent photo; the leaves were a kaleidoscope, a splendid tapestry of Mother Nature’s handy-work. Well Father Time stepped in and almost commandeered my window of opportunity to do as my friend and appreciate the wonderful of nature through my camera lens. In the nick of time the trees weren’t yet threadbare, a remnant of leaves remained. It taught me a real lesson of the importance in paying attention to the actual moments, people and activities that occupy the space I encompass. Let me encourage you friends not to loose focus by missing out on the presence of NOW- the present gifts of roaring laughter, completed assignments, scrumptious meals, connections with loved ones and answered prayers.
Below are some photos and links of aha moments recently experienced that were surely yardsticks that measure the quality of my life and cause me to realize that I very much am alive and well. To God be the glory for his loving kindness and infinite wisdom. He has once again provided me a life line complete with His reservoir of love, life, hope and promise. Get your rest my friends, then get busy celebrating your life experiences, surely you to hold a divine yardstick. Remember God’s love is immeasurable!


The love of family and friends gets us through the rough patches and gardens of life!

Photography by Linda Mose Meadows~“Hampton Leaves 2010”

Standing under the trees and walking through the fall leaves was truly a treat. Witnessing this beauty was awe inspiring and to think the next day the weather drastically changed. The dramatic drop in temperature changed the landscape. What a difference a day makes.


Creating a billboard in honor of my friend was the least I could do!
Writing for the International Review of African American Art about Chappelle Letman was such a joy. Finally he stood in our back door! His work was exhibited in Hampton, Va. He honored us with his presence and loving spirit! How wonderful!
A remarkable sculptor with eyes of faith!



Literally Making A Difference and Capturing the Goodness of God!

Eyes of Faith Magazine published and launched
by Richard D. Meadows, Jr. and Linda Mose Meadows


I had opportunity to see Jonathan Butler! His music ministers to us about God's distict love ! He's been a favorite of mine for a very long time. I kid you not-when I was invited by a dear friend to attend a jazz concert, I didn't hesitate to say I'd attend. Not aware of who the artists would be, I knew it would be a change of pace from my standard workweeks. Oh my friends, what await me that evening was again powerful and transformative. I was pinching myself with other concert goers of The Dave Koz and Friends Christmas Concert held at the Ferguson Center for the Arts. What an amazing experience to see and actually chat with JONATHAN BUTLER! TRULY ANOINTED ! Thank God for wonderful friends! This was a super duper Christmas gift!

We Need You Lord by Jonathan Butler

Ephesians 3

14 For this reason I kneel before the Father, 15from whom his whole familya in heaven and on earth derives its name. 16 I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, 17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, 18 may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, 19 and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.
20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

Revived & Overjoyed!

Linda Mose Meadows, Urban Views Weekly Columnist and Inspirational Author of: The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises and Co-publisher of Eyes of Faith Magazine

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Quincy Jones on The Oprah Winfrey Show's
The Color Purple Reunion on November 15, 2010

“We would never learn to be brave and

patient if there were only joy in the world,” Helen Keller

As I perused Oprah’s official website in search of The Color Purple’s Reunion , my eyes scanned the web pages and I began to gobble up the words and the links for this phenomenal 25th reunion. Like many of you I too read Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize–winning novel The Color Purple and was excited about the film’s debut and close proximity to the book! The pages came to life through the creativity and genius of both Steven Spielberg and Quincy Jones! The selection of the entire cast of stellar actors was indeed the icing on the cake. It’s been twenty plus years since the movie’s cast has assembled and was it ever a heartwarming and fun filled reunion on Oprah. Each cast member chronicled their experience and poignantly shared memorable moments and movie lines. Many things stood out for me regarding the film. There was no hidding the unspoken issues that were now on the big screen! Discussions erupted everywhere about race, incest, abuse and generational strongholds.

The creation of the project and the likelihood this project being a success or failure was also in the forefront. It's evident that those past discussions are now mute! The successful history of this film has spoken volumes for itself!
Oprah did a great job as always capturing and chronicling for the television audience and internet browser “The Color Purple” experience. I especially appreciated her interview with Quincy Jones, executive producer and composer. Let’s take a look at what he recounts:

"How did you know that this could become a film?" Oprah asks Quincy. "Because,
as Whoopi and I were saying, there was nothing like this ever on the screen."
"Here," he says, as he points to his heart. At first, Quincy says no one
thought he'd convince Steven to direct The Color Purple. "Everybody in town was
saying, 'Quincy Jones is out of his mind,'" he says. "He thinks he's going to
get the greatest director in the world on his first movie, and he's going to do
a black movie before Schindler's List. That's when I found the power of being

Does that conversation make you want to leap for joy? Lord knows is does for me! There it is friends in Quincy’s words : ".... That's when I found the power of being underestimated." What is he referencing? Let me take the liberty to clarify.

What’s pivotal for our emotional health, our thinking and understanding about being underestimated is your locating that source! Where did it come from? Who said so? Who said that we couldn't, wouldn't succeed? Reliance on this source is faulty, but can be truly deadly! Yes, detrimental to our existance! The source can take over our lives if we aren’t careful! It can block our true vision. But we’ve got to readjust our lens of faith-seeing past the overgrowth of doubt! Empowered thinking and a brighter outlook will give us our recognition of the wonderful and infinite possibilities of PROMISE, HOPE. Seeing God past the source of pain! It’s a wonderful seed of determination that germinates and grows and blossoms into results; events and realities that spin into Big, Big, Big occurrences.

I love how God speaks to us through other’s lives and examples. Through their testimony, our remembrances of grace in action, we are empowered with new truths. Like this morning’s visit to Beliefnet’s: Come Back from Let-Downs and Discouragements by Therese Borchard, these are life changing tools! The writer does a great job of assuring us through 21 ways how to overcome disappointments! These techniques take the sting out of setbacks. It’s very good medicine for possibility thinkers! Visit the site and feast.

We must bounce back! It’s imperative in order that we’ll see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! Believe, breathe, get back in the race, fight the good fight as you get in stride, trust God, pray for enlightened thinking, block out those that are opposing your destiny and God will restore your weary heart! I declare it so! God will orchestrate blessings for the years you’ve yet to see! Just ask, Quincy and Steven, Zina, Taylor, Michael, ___________,Mary, Oprah, Helen, Ricky, Clarinda, Therese, Linda, Johnny, Drusilla. The list goes on and on! Oh yes, be sure to fill in your name also! Wave and lift those victory banners and pronounce: “I have what it takes! I will stand firm! There is power in being underestimated!” Glory to God!

2 Thessalonians 2:13-17
Stand Firm
13 But we ought always to thank God for you, brothers loved by the Lord, because from the beginning God chose you to be saved through the sanctifying work of the Spirit and through belief in the truth.
14 He called you to this through our gospel that you might share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
15 So then, brothers, stand firm and hold to the teachings we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter.
16 May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope,
17 encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.


Linda Mose Meadows, Urban Views Weekly Columnist and Inspirational Author of: The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises and Co-publisher of Eyes of Faith Magazine

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Kindly vote for me! Learn about the contest and review my profile @

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
But when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.
Proverbs 13:12

Some opportunities, you just don’t let by and I believe this is one! I enjoy facebook and learned that SAM-e has a contest entitled: The Good Mood Gig 2. This contest offers the winner a tremendous opportunity to write inspirational messages daily, endorse Nature Made products (inclusive of SAM-e), and be employed as a Blogger for Nature Made. Initially ,I was hesitant because of the contest’s time table and self doubts. After awhile my mind was made up! I will enterbottom line! I thought surely, I love inspirational blogging, enjoy embarking upon new projects and ideas, and certainly understand the importance of good health. My spirit said, "Count me in!" Whatever the outcome-I tried, I am in the game to win! As young people say, “It’s a no brainer.” So here I am folks, one of many who believe that I can truly represent Nature Made SAM-e Complete and yes indeed, truly represent the company well. I pray you’ll find me a worthy candidate and cast your vote daily for me. Yes, kindly vote for Linda M. from Newport News, Virginia, remember the contest ends November 10th, 2010! And please share with your friends and family my news- their vote would certainly be an additional welcomed blessing.

Life is filled with surprises and I am embracing this one my friends! Thanks for your wonderful support.


Linda Mose Meadows, Urban Views Weekly Columnist and Inspirational Author of: The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises and Co-publisher of Eyes of Faith Magazine

Thursday, October 21, 2010


And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who
love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

If I didn’t know better I’d declare I created this Youtube video! Looks like my car, sounds like my radio and definitely resembles my morning commute. God’s Got A Blessing With your Name On It was blaring out my windows. Well know what? This morning at approximately 7:45 that was my song! Just like in the video that was me and possibly you listening to our favorite morning talk radio stations headed to work. It's routine, switching back and forth between my favorite radio stations and presto 88.1 was playing God’s Got A Blessing!

Well I safely arrived and it's mid-day, I am chuckling because I have a moment between work tasks and just decided to visit Youtube-so I believe. This just smacks of a divine set-up! I trust you'll agree that this is surely more providential than coincidence. Yes, friends my curiosity peaked when I had the option of selecting between two videos of Norman Hutchins and I decided to select this:

Notice the “red hood” ? Well the front end resembles my car. It surely looks like me navigating my way down the I-64 East. I recognized that many of us travel just this way to get to our daily JOB’s. That’s what we use to call it going to our JOB’s, cruising down highways across hamlets, cities, and the like. Some of us even have to travel by foot, wait at the dock to board the Ferry or jump on public transportation- our journey's would be incomplete without our electronic gadgets. Listening to our radios, ipods, and surfing the internet destination bound! We’re headed some place, determined to arrive. As I drove this morning and now for a few moments I am reflecting on what I witnessed yesterday evening, while millions of households already had learned what I feel compelled to rethink.

My mind raced back to Oprah Winfrey's website. After work I had an opportunity to read and watch several videos about Tyler Perry’s very emotional accounts of the disturbing childhood abuse he endured at the hands of some unscrupulous, despicable adults. You just never know what shapes and colors our lives. The abuse was horrific, sad, and tragic . But what stood out for me was that as difficult as it is to share humiliating incidents of any kind of abuse (sexual, emotional, physical etc.) I would wager that it’s probably more difficult to operate effectively with that stigma draped over ones life. But, thank God despite that the personal anguish, it didn’t smolder Tyler’s spirit. It’s apparent that his creativity and empathy for others has spurred him on to create relevant; meaningful works. His works are healing and audacious enough to deal with the tough stuff, the nitty-gritty issues of life. He’s a miraculous over comer, clearly on a destination! Tyler is a survivor and I pray he feels victorious, free, validated, accomplished and honored for lifting the bewildering, deadening shroud of silence. What the devil meant for evil, God obviously has other plans. Romans 8 confirms this:

More Than Conquerors

28And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who
love him,[j] who[k] have been called according to his purpose. 29For those God
foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son, that he
might be the firstborn among many brothers. 30And those he predestined, he also
called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also
glorified. 31What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who
can be against us? 32He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us
all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? 33 Who
will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who
justifies. 34 Who is he that condemns? Christ Jesus, who died—more than that,
who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for
us. 35Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship
or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? 36 As it is written:
"For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be
slaughtered."[l] 37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through
him who loved us. 38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither
angels nor demons,[m] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39
neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to
separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Tyler’s creative work continually improves lives and gives voice to many that society deem unworthy. His stellar work in the arts, his philanthropic endeavors are to be lauded. But what many will chatter about is , “Did you hear Tyler?” Well as one conquerer to another, we can respond confidently with , “ Yes, I certainly did and do I ever appreciate him all the more!” Like Norman Hutchins sings, God’s Got a Blessing With Our Name On It! This stanza of Amazing Grace by John Newton rings true….

T'was Grace that taught my heart to fear.
And Grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that Grace appear
The hour I first believed.

Through many dangers, toils and snares
I have already come;
'Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far
and Grace will lead me home.

The Lord has promised good to me.
His word my hope secures.
He will my
shield and portion be,
As long as life endures.

Yea, when this flesh
and heart shall fail,
And mortal life shall cease,
I shall possess
within the veil,
A life of joy and peace.

When we've been here ten
thousand years
Bright shining as the sun.
We've no less days to sing
God's praise
Than when we've first begun……

Thank you Tyler for the exhibiting the grace to dare share what we ought not ignore. We appreciate your desire to move foward , navigate your way and live to see brighter tomorrows! You're on your way and it's evident that God's got a blessing for His very own!


With A Renewed Spirit!
Linda Mose Meadows, Urban Views Weekly Columnist and Inspirational Author of: The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises and Co-publisher of Eyes of Faith Magazine

Friday, October 8, 2010


Howard Magazine Fall 2010 Renewing Our Legacy~
Howard University Alumn (class '79)
Linda Mose Meadows cherishing this moment!
The Blessedness of Believing
A Devotional Journey of Life's Lessons and God's Promises
on Bison Bookshelf page 44.

Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music;
make music to the LORD with the harp, with the harp and the sound of singing,
with trumpets and the blast of the ram's horn

shout for joy before the LORD, the King.
Let the sea resound, and everything in it,
the world, and all who live in it.
Let the rivers clap their hands, Let the mountains sing together for joy;
let them sing before the LORD,
for he comes to judge the earth.
He will judge the world in righteousness and the peoples with equity.
Psalm 98:4-9 NIV

God’s been so good!

He’s been just that good!
That’s a snippet of the lyrics from songstress extraordinaire Lalah Hathaway. Her heartfelt lyrics and Kirk Whalum’s moving music causes me to sway, rock rhythmically, shake my head and dance in my spirit! It’s my lunch hour, my brief stroll has concluded, my office door is shut, my salad awaits me and my heart is about to burst. It's my intention to also catch up and read my Fall 2010 Howard Magazine. This is too much for the moment, but it’s ok. I shut out confusion and joy envelopes my workspace. I must, must contain myself. When I reflect on the many wonders, the innumerable demonstrated acts of grace and mercy that God doles out continually. Yes, continually to not only me, but my friends and let’s not talk about our family members that have overcome many obstacles, setbacks and experienced miracles.
It is cause for a full blown celebration!
It is reason to just sing, sing with passion about a passionate Holy Father’s unconditional love! I am being serenaded during lunch! I just can’t stop sharing Kirk Whalum’s exemplary job with his CD entitled: The Gospel According to Jazz III.
No more fitting Gospel in a neat little compartment. It’s so much more. I am so grateful for this awesome collection of instrumental and jazz renditions of some seasoned favorites and now new selections that usher us into praise and worship. The words, the expressions and the ignited thanksgiving for a Savior that saves and anchors us--it’s timely as always. It’s no wonder I am reflecting on God’s favor that’s unmerited on our behalf. I just have to acknowledge God and thank Him! Hope you too are doing likewise? It’s lunch time and the spiritual food is sumptuous! My devotional being featured in my Alma Mater-Howard University’s Fall 2010 issue of Howard Magazine’s Bison Book Shelf just causes me to sing louder and appreciate all the more how God’s been just that good!

The Gospel According to Jazz III

Linda Mose Meadows, Urban Views Weekly Columnist and Inspirational Author of: The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises and Co-publisher of Eyes of Faith Magazine

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


An evening to recount, aprreciate and marvel God's goodness!

Have you had the opportunity to rediscover a favorite scripture, a sacred journal entry, a favorite poem, a misplaced book, a cherished photo, music you've long forgotten, that one lost cuff link or ear ring? It's probably all within arms reach! Just open a cluttered kitchen or dresser drawer, delve into the contents of that unsealed packed box or simply open and read through several computer files-trust me your bound to unearth some long forgotten treasure.
Well, I too have those encourters continually as I try to purge and endeavor to create my orderly space-I find more things that I just am not ready to discard. I recently revisted this writing Blessed and Trusting and knew with out a doubt, God meant it that way. The scriptures are timely and my spirit knew it must be reposted and shared with someone.
The occassion came last month! I was invited by our dear friend Father Graham to share on a Wednesday evening with the Women's Group of St. John's on how I apply God's leading, his promises and the Holy Scripture in my daily life. Perfect opporunity, I knew just what to reach for! My best example of how I am lead to carve out my devotionals and apply God's word is found in Blessed and Trusting.
That evening with the women of St. John's was confirmation for me on many spiritual / heart mantters that I'd prayed about. We had honest, heartfelt discussions. I read and recounted some of my spiritual journey, some learned life lessons, my Blessed and Trusting devotional and then concluded with an instrumental jazz rendition of Yes Jesus Loves Me. It was a remarkable experience, I mentally revisit that moment and savor that Divine experience. That moment was indeed an answer to prayer! I encouraged all to embrace the realization that God is truly active in our midst. Often it's a gesture or an invitation!

P.S. The wonderful women of St. John's will be incorporating my devotional: The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life's Lessons and God's Promises with their Bible Study. How wonderful is that! Thank you Lord for such amazing events!

Blessed and Trusting

O my God, in you our
fathers put their trust; they trusted and you delivered them. They cried to you and were saved; in you they trusted and were not disappointed. Psalm 22:4-5

Much to my surprise as I walked during my lunch
hour, I moved from the pavement on to the grassy area and appreciated the natural cushion under my feet. As I enjoyed the view of the boats docked, listened to the birds happily chirping, marveled at the eb and flow of the water, I realized that the sun was a little to warm on my brow, but that was really ok. I smiled, because underneathe my feet were crunchy leaves. It felt exhilarating to be able to move my limbs, feel the sun and escape from the routine work duties. What I really appreciated were the crunchy leaves.

The leaves signaled for me another change. Another season was
approaching, fall was in the air. My mind raced back to when my brothers and I would pile the crunchy fallen leaves and dive into them, we were serious acrobats. Nose dives, back flips, belly flops, oh was that fun! I am sure we entertained ourselves for hours with the other neighborhood kids. I never remember being hurt or someone complaining that they had hit the pavement underneath the layers of leaves.

So here I am many, many years later long gone are my childhood days, but for a moment I relive that joy of that moment. We were really trusting that the pile was cushion enough to absorb the impact of our fall. Thank you Holy Ghost for that –what cushions our fall now during over ever changing seasons? I pray it’s your trust in God!

Praise the Lord! For he has heard my cry for mercy. The Lord is my strength, my shield from every danger. I trust in him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving. Psalm 28: 6, 7

I am truly appreciating that childhood memory and understanding that seasons in our lives come unexpectantly nevertheless they will come. And I’d like to think and just give testament that when I believed my journey would result in one way, another episode was birthed. But like you we got through many roller coaster seasons of lack, sickness, sorrow, poverty, plenty, health, wealth, and happiness.

Like you I now understand it’s critical for our mental and spiritual health to study God’s word, embrace those spiritual truths which will result in our maturity-our faith being built up. Does this sound familiar? “If only I knew then what I know now!” Were you like me friends during our seasons of deep despair we couldn’t fathom that the end of that particular season was just around the corner?

In retrospect, I believe we miss the whole point of a particular season whether we perceive it as good or not. There were many life lessons that probably escaped me because I was so consumed with getting over the hurdle that seemed to consume me! Well that was then and thank God this is now.

Admittedly I didn’t value and understand the worth of the valley seasons as I do now. Are you in agreement with me that during each season there is growth and maturity? Our emotions can choke the life out of us!

The thorny ground represents those who hear and accept the message, but all too quickly the message is crowded out by the cares and riches and pleasures of this life. And so they never grow into maturity. Luke 8:14

Well, now we understand that we should just learn to have appreciated that life lesson of _________________ (you fill in the blank). Because just as spring turns to summer and summer into fall, if we simply activate our father’s faith, have our mother’s resolve and our grandmother’s wisdom and TRUST that God does save! As
Darryl Coley sings to the utmost Jesus Saves!!! Change is eminent and the Lord will anchor us through all our seasons—if I simply trust HIM- the all wise, all knowing, all loving Heavenly Father!

Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O LORD, have never abandoned anyone who searches for you. Psalm 9:10

Come on let’s finish our lunch walk and be
sure to enjoy the changing autumn leaves! Blessings to you!

Joyfully Submitted by
Linda Mose Meadows
Inspirational Columnist & Author of: The Blessedness of Believing-
A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Eyes of Faith Publishers: Rev. Richard D. Meadows, Jr. and Linda Mose Meadows , Inspirational Author and Columnist

1 Corinthians 2:9 (New International Version)
However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him"[

It’s time to take your heart’s desire off the shelf! Dream Big! Stay determined/focued as you watch God work it out in your favor! Be further motivated to grasp your dreams, never letting go as you navigate your divinely planned dreamscape. Come and join, celebrate others who dare to believe, their accounts and vocations will spur you on! We'd love to hear from you regarding this premier publication of: The Eyes of Faith Magazine! What's in view for you?
God is a prayer away, get in touch with the living source!

"Have faith to complete that dreamscape that you’ve tucked neatly on the shelf, way back in your heart’s desire…Be bold go and get it! "

from our
Premier September 2010
Issue of:


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Kudos to our stellar literary contributor's: Richard D. Meadows Jr., John O. Mose, Jr. , Drusilla Pair, Linda Pate, Anna Forge and Eva Hedouville! Thanks for being a part of this amazing journey, and especially for being living examples of faith in action, your eyes of faith motivate us to never stop belieiving BELIEVING! God bless you!

Expressing Thanksgiving & Joy!
Linda Mose Meadows, Author & Inspirational Columnist:
The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises

Monday, September 13, 2010


“What do you mean, ‘If I can’?” Jesus asked. “Anything is possible if a person believes.” Mark 9:23

Simply put this is what's in my spirit this evening: it's your call! You my friends can create your world, just BELIEVE!

One of my favorite photos of our beloved Courtney was snapped during one of our recent summer evenings spent at Historic Yorktown,Va. The evening was perfect. The overcast sky allowed us to sit comfortably on the beach and not roast in the sweltering heat. We enjoyed our sandwiches, I read and truly appreciated being outdoors watching all of the interactions. With my camera in hand I was ready for any Kodak moment that might occur. I was not disappointed.

Courtney and Papa (as he fondly refers to Ricky) built sand castles and played in the water. Courtney even made several new friends. From the looks of this photo it appears as though Courtney is assisting with creating the York River. I was prompted to do some of my own creating with this "Believe billboard" on

I thank God for creativity and always making his word relevant!

It’s Another Wonderful Day!

Sharing in Faith,Linda Mose Meadows, Urban Views Weekly Richmond Times-Dispatch's Inspirational Columnist and Inspirational Author of: The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eyes of Faith Magazine Launching!


Eyes of Faith Magazine Cover~ Fall 2010 Issue published by: Richard D. Meadows, Jr. and Linda Mose Meadows


Mark 9:23

We hope you will share this good news with your friends and family, and of course enjoy this publication:


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Without God none of this would be possible! WE THANK HIM, WE PRAISE HIM!

It’s A Wonderful Day!

Sharing in Faith,Linda Mose Meadows, Urban Views Weekly Richmond Times-Dispatch's Inspirational Columnist and Inspirational Author of: The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


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Today’s question is:
Answer: I sure hope so, because there
are unimaginable, yes numerous possibilities for your good!

“Optimism is the foundation of courage.”
Nicholas Murray Butler (1862-1947) Philosopher, Educator, Diplomat

September 8, 2010

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It's A Wonderful Day! Sharing in Faith,
Linda Mose Meadows, Urban Views Weekly Columnist and Inspirational Author of:
The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises

Monday, August 23, 2010


Bless the Lord, O my soul; and all that is within me, bless his holy name!

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.

It’s just that simple friends, as April and I concurred, trouble does happen in our lives but we must remember who’s in charge. If we only remember God’s benefits it puts everything we are experiencing in perspective. God’s wonderful benefits give us new lyrics to sing. We’ll make up a song and probably clap off beat but its ok! His divine benefits cause us to witness generosity, “Blessings” on a brand new level. Our personal canvas of experiences change dramatically in scope, hue and meaning! Unexpected blessings can be so exhilarating, reassuring –it’s evident that God’s got our lives cradled in His care. We understand fully whose we are! I’ve wanted to share our good news and capture the highlights of August but didn’t quite know how I’d present this. Hopefully you’ll be encouraged in your daily circumstances [the good and the ugly] that God’s in complete control. You may wonder, but really it’s the truth. This month has been particularly trying but we’ve had numerous rainbows streak across our lives, so instead of writing multiple posts I decided to instead share several celebratory moments this that felt like I was riding my bike one hand holding the handle and the other out stretched having fun and giggling for real! Each moment caused me to acknowledge God’s infinite goodness and say in my spirit, “Lord, look at you!” Let me present my thanks giving list:

1. Our Grandmother Ruth’s visit to Virginia was God sent. She’s a beautiful 93 years old and is extremely vibrant. Flew on the plane to get here! She arrived smiling and happy! She loved all our gestures and wasn’t short complements. I felt so honored and blessed to have her in our midst! Ricky and Mike were amazing as they also help care for Granny. We were a genuine “home team”! She audibly reminded me that it was good that we loved each other and how important family is. Granny was funny at times when she asserted her independence; she had to chuckle at her own aha moments remarking “I know, I know, I have to do what I can for myself.” Immediately I understood and kissed her on her cheek and provided her with the space she needed. Family members visited from Maryland and it was an instant joyous family reunion. With Granny’s visit appreciation and love were overflowing!

2. Rediscovering one of my past birthday presents: Inner Simplicity: 100 Ways to Regain Peace and Nourish Your Soul by Elaine St. James (Paperback - Apr 20, 1995) was a good thing! There it was in arms reach and I had tucked it away and pulled it out as though I knew what I reaching for! All I can think is that God obviously knew what I needed at the time! It was to take time to begin again to appreciate my surroundings, my life and my recent life lessons-all of them. It’s a perfect little read, not preachy but wonderfully written in series of writings that can be grasped n a few moments. The writings are absolute jewels that cause us to get back to basics and appreciate ourselves, our spirits and our time. Her writing on “Remembering” caused me to stop and appreciate the present and focus on one thing at a time. My spirit was obliged for my acknowledging what was occurring right then and there. The jacket cover alone say: stop, slow down take time and get refueled! Thank you Ms. St. James for aiding us with uncluttering and distressing our spirits with refreshing alternatives!

3. Sometimes we’ve got to see things for ourselves and often when this happens it’s an eye popping experience which causes us to smile broadly and say, “Oh my goodness!” This is one of those “for real, for real” occasions’ friends! Oh I just love sharing this! Our son, Michael was a participant as a Summer Intern for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. to say we were thrilled is an understatement. He was assigned to work with VA. Congressman Bobby Scott’s Office where he learned and experienced invaluable lessons for leadership development and serving in government. It was also a great learning experience for me as a parent. Thank goodness for I appreciated the CBCF‘s mission and efforts immensely. Our son was one of the fine students which debuted in the September issues of JET and EBONY Magazine with several other HBCU College students. He shared with us that as a summer 2010 intern for the Congressional Black Caucus they were selected for Ebony Magazine’s educational issue with President Obama gracing their cover. Several of the brightest and best young people had the distinct and blessed opportunity to reflect and share solutions for addressing today’s pressing issues faced by this nation and the President of the United States The “IF You Were President” scenarios and difficult questions presented to The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc.’s , Summer Congressional Interns make readers proud! Here indeed was another golden opportunity for these sharp minds to offer new insight and perspectives on change for the better. Guess what? When I visit my local grocery store, stop in airport news stand, or purchase a newspaper or book from my favourite bookstore, Ebony Magazine’s September issue is on the same shelves. I couldn’t have imagined that this summer internship would have harvested such awesome opportunities for all of these young HBCU students! Lord I just can’t thank you enough! Lesson learned: God can do so much more than you could ask or think of!

4. Passionate Genealogist, Professor Drusilla Pair will help you scale your family tree and have you yearning to learn more about your ancestry. Stellar Poet and Consultant, Nathan Richardson will cause you to reminisce and appreciate with longing your family gatherings of yesteryear. His superb poetry and literary works are just are fascinating.

After a while whatever you love doing will mushroom and a light beam will spotlight your efforts. It requires love, commitment and passionate dedication. It’s just that simple. These two friends were recently on WHRO’s Another View (Aug. 16, 2010, their passion is evident! Enjoy their celebration of Genealogy! The Television Show Times will be as follows: Friday, August 20 at 9P on WHRO-TV. It will repeat on Sunday, August 22 at 3:30P, and again on Tuesday, August 24 at 10:30P. It will also air on WHRO World, channel 107 on Cox, on Monday, August 23 at 5P and Wednesday, August 25 at 5:30P. Kudos goes to WHRO for shining the spotlight on two jewels in the Hampton Roads Community.

Finally, be encourage to toll the bell and shout, “Hey very good work-well done!” Sometimes it’s not just about us, it’s our ability to applaud others- pat them on the back and witness the evidence God’s grace. It’s a blessing being actively involved in the cheering squad too! Behold God’s infinite blessings are all around us! Remember share the good and excellent news, seek out your passion and I declare good things, yes great things and unexpected joys will overtake you!

Join me in being a witness that God’s benefits are abundant! Amen y’all! Amen!

It's A Wonderful Day!
Sharing in Faith, Linda Mose Meadows, Urban Views Weekly Columnist and Inspirational Author of:
The Blessedness of Believing
A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


But someone will say, You have faith; I have deeds.
Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.
James 2: 18-22

A Dominion Media International, LLC Publication

Tia Cooke is not only a woman with a great heart of faith, but a visionary! This young woman gets the ball moving and trusts God to do just what He's promised. Yes, it's evident she's a believer! She hasn't stopped to looked back since the inception of her recent heart's desire: Empower Magazine (July, 2010). Looking to check out more of this worker bee's endeavors visit: Dominion Media International on the web. You'll be pleasantly pleased with her marketing expertise. Kudos to my friend, Ms. Tia Cooke, Editor in Chief for the inception of her labor of love: Empower Magazine. This is not your atypical, run of the mill Christian magazine. This literary jewel is for everyone. It has hit the stands and you'll be glad to make it a part of your favorite magazine collection! Empower Magazine was created as a life-changing magazine that was purposely designed to instill hope for living in this turbulent world and navagating through this complex economy. It's filled with encouraging words and resources for today and the future!
In Ms. Cooke's words:

"It is my sincere prayer that [when] you turn each page, you will find hope, restoration, healing, deliverance and life so that you will be EMPOWERed to live and EMPOWERed to move in the things of God. Please know that in spite of the situation you are currently facing God is able! Live EMPOWERed!"

Inspirational Author, Linda Mose Meadows
is a
Contributing Writer
acquire the magazine today and enjoy :
Empower's Brand New Life Series:


By Faith-Brand New Thinking
by Linda Mose Meadows
AUGUST 2010 VOL.1 NO.1

“The happy heart runs with the river, floats on the air, lifts to the music, soars with the eagle, and hopes with the prayer.”
—Maya Angelou
(1928- ); Poet, Dancer, Producer, Playwright, Director

For those that have not subscribed yet, don't fret -
get your subscription today by visiting; and then click on Empower Magazine. A 1-year subscription is $20 and 2 years is only $35. Interested in advertising please call 757-775-5404.

Encouraged and Humbled by God's Loving Presence
Linda Mose Meadows, Inspirational Columnist & Author:

The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life's lessons and God's Promises

Thursday, August 12, 2010


“Life's blows cannot break a person whose spirit is warmed at the fire of enthusiasm. “
Norman Vincent Peale Preacher, Author

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Linda Mose Meadows

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A refreshing glass of spiritual nectar awaits your parched soul!
Come be revived and restored!

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It's A Wonderful Day!

Sharing in Faith, Linda Mose Meadows,
Urban Views Weekly Columnist and Inspirational Author of: The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live.
Teach them to your children and to their children after them."
Deuteronomy 4:9
'If you can'?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for him who believes."
Mark 9:23
Dreamers keep dreaming! Hold on, don't let go of the dream that won't die, won't go away! Our hair may be wind blown, possibly gray around the edges, clothes
scorched and singed from the fires of life, but we've made it! Everyday is a new possibility! Here's a message I wrote a while ago and I sincerely believe it's still relevant. Let's revisit this reminder to stay determined! As they say, "Keep
it moving! Keep the dream ever before you!" Remain steadfast, moving in the direction of your heart's desire and trust that
God is your faithful anchor! Move on, your life's journey awaits you!
Where will your life's journey take you? What is burning in your soul to accomplish? What are you believing God for? You may ask yourself quietly, "Can God really take me there or am I fooling myself?" Well it's up to you to trust Him or not! I strongly believe that your second guessing is delaying the answer to your heart's desire, your prayers.

As you map out your steps, your route, your destiny I encourage you to ask yourself some important questions. You need not have all the answers just the vigor to step out in faith. Or will you give up and let others stand in your way? Just possibly-maybe in your heart of hearts that inner voice will convince you that what you are hoping for is impossible? Find Holy scripture that speaks to your reservations. I am convinced that those negative conversations, and negative voices are not the divine that dwells within us. I implore you,don't let the enemy rob you of your divine calling and an awesome life's lesson that waits you. Your journey will show the world that God has equipped you to survive. God desires to inspire all of us, but especially you!

I pray you persevere, hold on and simply believe that what awaits you at your journey's end or at the fork in the road was meant for your good. But you've got to make a move in the direction in which you've been ushered to go. You've got the power-it's your call!

Take a look at this amazing journey of a young man named Kingsley who's in search for an improved life. Kingsley's journey from the Cameron to Europe gives new meaning to the word "determination"! I thank God for this photo journal that allows us to witness this young man's struggle, but more importantly what it means not to be detered!

Take heart, continue in prayer and push on my friends! God doesn't fail, let His love and His promises keep encouraging you in your quest to move forward. So many have overcome and you can too!

A Prayer for God's will from St. Augustine of Hippo:

God of our life, there are days when the burdens we carry chafe our shoulders and weigh us down; when the road seems dreary and endless, the skies grey and threatening; when our lives have no music in them; and our hearts are lonley, and our souls have lost their courage. Flood the path with light, we beseech the; turn our eyes to where the skies are full of promise; tune our hearts to brave music; give us the sense of comradeship with heroes and saints of every age; and so quicken our spirits that we may be able to encourage the souls of all who journey with us on the road of life; to thy honor and glory.

Excited About The Days Ahead!
Linda Mose Meadows, Inspirational Columnist & Author :
The Blessedness of Believing
A Devotional Journey of Life's Lessons and God's Promises

Inspirational Author & Columnist, Linda Mose Meadows

Inspirational Author & Columnist, Linda Mose Meadows
Rickey and Linda Meadows


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